9 Reasons Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs


There are many reasons why dogs kick back their legs. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When They Pee

Another reason why dogs kick their leg while urinating is because of anatomy and size differences between male and female dogs. Females have shorter urethras than males, so as part of normal elimination body mechanics, females tend to lift the leg at the hip when urinating in order to stream urine further away their body which enables them to empty their bladder. Males who use a leg lift when urinating is most likely indicating that they are unable to move away from the area, perhaps because of size or space restrictions, and so must rely on lifting their leg higher in order for urine to clear their body while scent marking.

According to some sources, back-kicking while eliminating is a learned behavior that dogs pick up from watching other dogs pee. Watching another dog lift a hind leg can encourage some dogs to mimic this behavior whether it’s appropriate or not. If a dog sees an alpha dog doing it, he may do it too.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Playing

There are also many reasons why dogs kick their back legs when playing. The first reason why dog’s do that is because they want to engage in play fighting with other dogs, either as a form of practice or through attempt to establish dominance. When dogs fight for real, it’s not pretty—there are no rules, there may be injuries and sometimes even death. But during play fighting, the goal is to have fun so they establish roles such as biter and chased; chaser and biter; etc. Some role reversal may occur based on personality types, but these roles will usually stay consistent between individual dogs (i.e., if a particular dog is always chasing another one during play then he will likely be pursued by

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs at Other Dogs

There are many reasons why a dog may want to interact with a particular dog. Sometimes a dog will become anxious and excited when he sees another dog, which can increase his heart rate and muscle tension. As part of the release of this tension, or as a way to calm himself down from anxiety, he may start kicking his back legs. In most instances, if your dog wants to greet another one who is approaching him but becomes uneasy the moment he catches sight of him, you should try to avoid letting them meet.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Excited

If a dog often kicks his back legs when he is excited, anxious, or simply over-aroused, you should try to avoid letting him become too excited. If your dog is at the end of his leash and there are other dogs approaching after which he will be walked, then if possible keep him away from them until it’s time for both groups to meet. If the meeting time cannot be delayed, give your dog a treat right before you let go of his leash so that he focuses on eating and not seeing other dogs.

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs After They Poop

Some dogs kick their legs after they poop because their anal glands were impacted and need to be expressed. If your dog is displaying other signs such as itching and licking his anus, then he may also do the same when he’s done eliminating. Another possibility is that pooping can result in releasing excess gas through the rectum which the dog might feel the need to release by kicking his back legs or even walk funny until they are fully passed out of the body

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Sleeping

If your dog kicks his back legs while he’s sleeping, then it could mean that he’s dreaming. Dogs often dream about the things they experience in their waking life so they may be chasing a rabbit or being chased by a bigger dog in their dreams. It can also be an indicator of restless leg syndrome which is common among older dogs. In this case, your vet might prescribe medication to help with your pet’s condition

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Stressed

Stress is another factor that can cause a dog to display behavior associated with discomfort such as foot stomping. Since stress can influence arousal levels, high levels of stress combined with excitement may prompt a dog who usually only kicks his back legs on occasion to do it more often. If your dog is on a leash and sees another dog approaching, then the excitement and anticipation of greeting that particular dog may cause him to kick his back legs as an expression of high arousal or anxiety

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Barking

If your dog kicks his back legs while he’s barking at another dog, then this is usually an expression of high excitement and anticipation. The moment the barking turns into a tense stand with rigid posture and dilated pupils

Why Do Dogs Kick Their Back Legs When Excited to go for a Walk

Dogs have scent glands on their paws so if they are really excited to go for a walk they might release some of it by kicking back their leg right before going out the door. Stomping allows them to mark the area as being occupied by them, which makes them feel more comfortable about being there